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A History made by emotions

Speaking about PRV Audio’s history could be easy. It could be as easy as feeling an emotion, a good sensation, the same you get when you feel something good is about to happen.

To speak about PRV Audio we need to go back to 2006, when the passion and determination of a group of former executives and engineers from Brazil’s most prestigious loudspeaker manufacturer decided to take on a new adventure. PRV Audio was established to design, manufacture, and introduce new and innovative pro audio products, combining passion for crafting loudspeakers, technical expertise and design skill with the understanding of how, when, and where to market products. PRV Audio is proud to deliver only the best products to the market, it is dedicated to provide reliable, functional and profitable products and is committed to continuous and ongoing research, development and quality control.

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PRV Audio’s engineers bring years of experience and knowhow in many different areas of the Brazilian sound industry, and this knowhow translates in the most unique products. Customer input is valued at PRV Audio and helps us develop cutting-edge loudspeakers that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Uniting the love we put into crafting the best loudspeakers to the love our customers have for the perfect sound, we have been able to grow and expand.

PRV Audio is now present in more than 60 countries worldwide; in 2009 it opened its own subsidiary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA to better serve the growing international demand.

Our goal is to pass on the same passion, the same love we have for crafting loudspeakers to express the greatest emotions. Your Emotions.

The perfect fusion of your emotions with our technology allows us to create the best possible products.

PRV Audio. Your emotions. Our Technology.