AD1200.1-4Ω: Now available in 4 Ohms

The AD1200.1-4 Ohms provides the most innovative and powerful Brazilian technology in a compact design. This special model in 4 Ohms is designed to be used in applications with two 8 Ohms speakers for unsurpassed efficiency. A perfect compact solution for installations with:
– 2x 10MB1000
– 2x 10MR1003FT
– 2x 10MR1003-NDY
– 2x 12MB1003FT
– 2x 15W800A
– 2x 15W1000v2
– Chuchero systems with two 8 ohms speakers
– And more!

AD1200 - 4 Ohms + 12BM1003FT - Now available in 4 Ohms

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WG11-25 is now available in different colors!

WG11-25 now is available in different colors – Black, White, Orange Chrome and Chrome
Combine them with our most popular driver, the D280Ti-S, for ultimate performance for a mid-range and highscompression driver.
The D280Ti-S drivers are the perfect choice for high frequency use a high sensitivity.
Demand the original PRV pure titanium compression drivers, where technology always exceeds customer’s expectations.

Brazilian Titanium Drivers - D280Ti-S with WG11-25 Horns

The evolution of the 10MR1000 is here!

The new 10MR1003-NDY is designed for maximum Mid Bass punch and Mid Range clarity to meet the demands of today’s High SPL systems. Featuring a new magnet motor, voice coil, and suspension components for long lasting play for intense use.
The 3” inside/outside wound copper clad aluminum wire voice coil ensures a high continuous power handling of 500 Watts RMS for consistent low distortion output even when driven to its limit.


NAMM 2017, Anaheim,CA: PRV Audio acquires TEMPESTA Loudspeakers.

PRV Audio is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of the Italian loudspeaker company TEMPESTA. The deal was finalized during the NAMM show although the negotiations had been ongoing for about a year.

According to PRV Audio’s executive director Dan Costa, the acquisition of TEMPESTA is very strategic as the company brings us new expertise on manufacturing in Italy and Asia, new technologies and therefore, market expansion.

For the past 10 years PRV Audio has built a reputable and solid position within the loudspeakers business industry. Not only will the acquisition contribute to the development of new products through its innovative technology, but will also begin offering a wide array of high standard products for a specific market niche, assuring customer satisfaction is fully met with respect to technology and product innovation.

TEMPESTA Loudspeakers was founded in 1999 in Sicily, Italy. With a strong R&D department, the company focused for over a decade on OEM services, manufacturing products and components for many different car audio brands, building up significant expertise in the engineering of audio technology. In 2015, under new ownership, the company realigned its strategy and started developing its very first line of loudspeakers carrying the name TEMPESTA for worldwide distribution.

TEMPESTA is dedicated to design the best price-performance ratio products available in the market. Committed to innovation and continuous development of new technologies and anticipating the newest market trends, TEMPESTA offers a fine selection of high turnover competitive products.

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The 2017 NAMM Show

Thank you everyone who came out to the NAMM Show 2017 and all those who have supported this event. This is our 7th consecutive year exhibiting at the Anaheim Convention Center and it’s the place to be for professionals looking for PRO Audio speakers.

We are incredibly happy with how everything turned out. Can’t wait for next year! Take a look at some of the best moments. Enjoy!