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prv2The “El Niño” is a weather phenomenon, of atmospheric-oceanic character, which occurs due to the warming of the waters of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. The El Niño has caused a lot of rainfall in southern Brazil, where the PRV Audio factory is located.
The level of the Guaiba River, which surrounds Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul state, reached the highest mark in 74 years. It is the second largest full history of the river. According to NASA scientists, all the signs indicate that El Niño this year will be moderate to strong. Analyses of the heat maps in the Pacific show very large similarity with the same period in 1997, the beginning of the most intense El Niño ever recorded in the world.
In the three southern states of Brazil, more than 90 thousand people were affected in 179 cities, according to the balance sheets of state civil defense. The population is mobilized to assist the homeless and the PRV Audio designated a percentage of their sales revenue in October to help the homeless. Food baskets were distributed by Team PRV. Thank you for being part of our team. You helped a family in southern Brazil. #prvaudio #teamprv