PRV Audio Brazil contributes to various non-profit organizations throughout the world.

prv2In 2015, PRV Audio visited two different Institutions, the SOS – Casas de Acolhida and the Lar da Criança e do Adolescente Menino Jesus – LarCAMJE, both in Porto Alegre, Brazil. With the help of wonderful people, PRV made donations of milk, food, toys, clothes and diapers to abandoned children who were abused by their own family.

PRV also designated a percentage of its sales to help people affected by the flood caused by El Niño, a weather phenomenon that brought a lot of devastation in southern Brazil. A team was mobilized to distribute supplies and food to those most in need.

This year, PRV will bring love and joy by donating to the Lar Santo Antonio dos Excepcionais, a safe shelter for children, adolescents and adults with severe brain damage from families in a precarious socioeconomic situation. Giving brings us closer to creating the world we would want to live in.
Thank you for being part of our team. Together we can make a significant difference in other people’s lives!
Happy Holidays from the PRV family!