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2x SQ3500X 1Ω + FREE DSP 2.8X

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  • 2x SQ3500X 1Ω + FREE DSP 2.8X
  • 7000 Watts Package
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2x SQ3500X 1 Ohm

X Series: The new generation of sound quality amplifiers delivers the most innovative and powerful Brazilian Technology in full range class xD 12 Volts amplifiers on the market.

Our engineering team focused on achieving Sound Quality first, and then on making our X Series amplifiers amazingly powerful, efficient and Durable.

These efforts led to a remarkable SQochre-Xwire power supply technology combined with using some of the highest quality and most reliable electrical components, featuring an overbuilt power supply on a heavy-duty PCB board taking this amplifier to the next level of performance with an incredible dynamic power output.

PRV SQ3500

Designed to produce a serious 3500 watts at 1 ohm at 13.0 Volts with a dynamic power rating of over 4,000 Watts, the SQ3500X amplifier is a great choice for high power loudspeaker systems.

Our proprietary SQochre-Xwire power supply delivers massive output with real-world input voltage levels at an excellent sound quality at a high efficient rate of 81%

Channels 1 Channel
Rated RMS Power at 13.0 V at 1 Ohm 3500 Watts
Rated RMS Power at 13.0 V at 2 Ohms 2400 Watts
Rated RMS Power at 12.0 V at 1 Ohm 3000 Watts
Rated RMS Power at 12.0 V at 2 Ohm 1900 Watts


DSP 2.8X

Digital Audio Processor, Crossover & Equalizer – 2 Inputs & 8 Outputs

Bringing innovation and technology to the Automotive Sound market, PRV Audio launches the DSP2.8X Digital Signal Processor, capable of making various Real-time signal adjustments, from crossover filters, graphic and parametric equalization, alignment, phase inversion, limiter, audio generator, among others. Enhancing Your Audio System!

Through an LCD display and intuitive interface, it allows real-time audio adjustments. The DSP 2.8X features 2 audio inputs (A and B) and 8 independent outputs and allows you to choose the audio source (A, B or A + B) for each output. It has an integrated equalization system, with 15-band graphic equalizer, manual tuning, or through 12 presets (Flat, Loudness, Bass Boost, Mid Bass, Treble Boost, Powerful, Electronic, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Vocal and Pancadão).


For professional equalization adjustments, it has 1 INPUT Parametric Equalizer and 1 OUTPUT Parametric Equalizer with gain control, specific frequency setting, and equalizer bandwidth, allowing fine adjustments and detailed equalization control.
The Crossover function allows you to precisely define the cut frequencies, attenuation rates, and topology of the LowPass and HighPass filters with Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley filters (12/18/24/36/48 dB / 8ª).

To aid in the protection of amplifiers and loudspeakers, the DSP 2.8X features a Limiter with Dynamic Attack-Release system that dynamically controls the Attack and Release parameters in real-time, providing security and sound fidelity.


  • Number of processors (DSPs): 1
  • Input Channels: 2
  • Output Channels: 8
  • Display: LCD16x2 Characters
  • Built-In Remote Out ( Sequencer )

Technical Details

For more information click the links below to visit the product page:
SQ3500X 1Ω – 3500 Watts RMS 1Ω FULL RANGE AMP

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.p65warnings.ca.gov