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PRV Audio crossovers are designed and constructed with special attention to both component quality and mechanical rigidity. Not only do our crossovers sound good, they can withstand the use and abuse associated with transportation and of live performances. Our crossovers offer some unique selectable futures:

This setting allows the same crossover to be used with 8 or 4 Ohms speakers and combinations of them (series or parallel connection) providing you with one solution for multiple cabinet variations.

Some woofers respond excessively at the cut off frequency than others and need 12 dB/octave filters, where other woofers have a natural roll-off at or near the crossover point, and work well with 6 dB/octave filters. We give you the ability to select this on two of our crossovers: the 2DF1800 two-way crossover and the 3DF400/1800 three-way crossover.

Match the output level of the different speakers in your cabinet with the setting; it helps in creating a seamless transition from high to mid to low-especially useful for when driver sensitivities do not match.

Many large format compression drivers naturally roll-off above 10 kHz. Our brightness adjustment offsets this phenomenon , applying attenuation below 6 kHz and increasing the energy at high frequencies for more brightness and definition.

All crossovers are factory-set with these adjustments in their conventional position, for quick installation and use, but with a little testing and experimentation , we believe that the final sound of your speaker will sound that much better!


Three-Way Crossover

Type: Three-Way Impedance (Ohms): 8 Crossover Point (Hz): 400/1,800 Woofer Impedance (Ohms): 4/8 RMS Power (Watts): 950 Program Power (Watts): 1,900 Selectable Crossover Point (Hz): - HF Attenuation (dB): 6/7.5/9 Brightness: Yes Woofer Octave Sel (dB octave): - Midrange Attenuation (dB): 0/3/6 Octave (dB): 12 MSRP Per Unit: $176.23
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -