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At PRV Audio, we are committed to designing, manufacturing, and introducing new and innovative pro audio products to the market, delivering exceptional quality with superior sound fidelity.


With passion and purpose, we seek to deliver the perfect product for your lifestyle and to inspire your love for music and life, every day. Your Emotions Our Technology.®

– Innovation and Excellence
– Integrity and Inclusion
– Cooperation and Respect
– Passion and Perseverance

About Us

Founded in 2006 by a Brazilian group of executives and engineers, PRV Audio started with a compact line of transducers fully dedicated to the Brazilian market. PRV Audio was established to design, create, and introduce new pro audio products, combining passion for crafting loudspeakers, technical knowledge, and design skill with the understanding of how, when, and where to market products. PRV Audio Brazil has quickly grown to become one of the most innovative manufacturers of professional loudspeakers. In 2009, PRV Audio opened its own subsidiary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, to better serve the growing international demand, PRV AUDIO is currently present in more than 64 countries worldwide.

In early 2018, Executive Director Daniel Costa became the majority shareholder of PRV Audio Group, transferring the company headquarters from Sao Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, BR to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Today, the Fort Lauderdale location serves as PRV Audio Headquarters, managing R&D departments in Brazil and production facilities in different parts of the world. This energetic and passionate team is dedicated to the worldwide sales, distribution, and marketing of PRV AUDIO products for every lifestyle.

PRV Audio’s USA based Sales and Marketing Team

The Research & Development Team

Based out of Brazil, PRV AUDIO’s R&D team is headed by Senior Chief Engineer Acir Ozelame, and is responsible for the development of new technologies and continuous innovation of the PRV Audio Line of products, which is constantly improved based on customer feedback.

The R&D Team is also responsible for closely overseeing PRV Audio’s manufacturing facilities, guaranteeing the uncompromising quality products you’ve come to trust over the years.

The fast growth and expansion to international markets brought the need to develop a wide variety of products for different applications, while remaining competitive in a globalized market.

PRV Audio’s manufacturing had to become more dynamic to accommodate the globalized demand, expanding in a slow and meticulously planned process to take place at top-level factories located in Brazil, China and Italy, enabling PRV Audio to deliver only the best to the market.

Sao Leopoldo, Brazil Based Team

Acir Ozelame – R&D Chief Engineer

Andre Cruz – R&D Department


PRV Audio’s engineers bring years of experience and know-how in many different areas of the Brazilian and International Audio Industry, and this knowledge translates to unique products. Using design tools such as Solid Edge, a 3D CAD for technical drawing, and FEMM (Finite Element Method Magnetics) to simulate the magnetic field in the loudspeaker motor, PRV Audio has pushed the limits of these tools to achieve maximum efficiency and to develop cutting-edge loudspeakers that exceed customer expectations.

Testing and Listening

Every new product is subject to meticulous testing. Unlike other companies that use measurement systems that focus their data acquisition on a single technique, PRV Audio uses CLIO 12, a multi-measure, fully integrated hardware/software platform, resulting in a significant advantage over the competition. This allows PRV Audio to provide reliable, functional, and long-lasting products that only reach the market after they have been extensively tested in the lab and on the field, guaranteeing that the PRV Audio customer will have access only to the best quality products.