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1000 Watts 12” Midbass available at 4 Ohm – 12MB1000FT-4

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PRV Audio Group is proud to present our first 12″ midbass at 4 Ohm. Dedicated to bringing the latest technology to customers , PRV Audio has been getting bigger and bigger in the car audio industry “PRO Audio On Wheels” A great new addition to the Forte Series, where more power handling and less distortion on mid low mid bass frequencies is the key.

Bassheads have been asking for bigger size speakers to run in their custom doors and trunk space to work better with their amplifier configuration.

The New 12MB1000FT-4 is the perfect option for these systems, having only 5.20″ of mounting depth it can fit easily fitted in custom doors.

A 4 Ohm speaker gives the possibility to install 2 or 4 speaker setups with the proper amplifier power, and even give the option to have a stereo system with left and right channels powered by our new high power 4 channel amplifiers.

Installation tips:

      2x 12MB1000FT-4 wired in parallel to a SQ3500X at 2 Ohm

      4x 12MB1000FT-4 wired in parallel to a SQ6000X at 1 Ohm

Tuned with PRV DSP at HPF 100Hz at BT18 / LPF 3000Hz at BT18

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