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Built unlike other EQs, EQ7-15 focuses on the ability to give you the POWERFUL signal required to get the most of your custom sound system

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A car audio equalizer (EQ) can help you shape the sound that comes out of your stereo system. While the right Crossover or Digital Signal Processor ( DSP) is vital in producing high-quality sound output, the best car equalizer can allow you to select and fine-tune certain frequencies, making them clearer, sharper, mellower, stronger…etc. As a result, they give you way more control than what the bass, treble and midrange settings in a typical stereo system can provide.

Graphic equalizers are quite simple on the EQ7-15, featuring one control for each frequency band present. These knobs allow you to either cut down that particular frequency or boost it in the mix. Each adjustment allows a -12dB to +12db on each frequency point with a 20dB headroom.

After many months of research and development, we have created a superior equalizer that will set the new industry standards for Car audio Competitions. The EQ7-15 is manufactured using some of the highest quality and most reliable electrical components, many with 1% tolerance components throughout. 15 volts car equalizer outputs ensure that your amplifiers will get a clean, powerful signal for maximum performance.

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