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MINI Car Audio amplifier MDX Series 1, 2 and 4 Channel – High Output that takes up little space!

MDX Series

Designed for high performance systems that require high power output but have very little space to spare, the MDX Series features exclusive and patented technologies that ensure a high definition sound quality in the most compact and reliable design.

The compact design of the MDX Series makes it perfect for motorsport applications as it allows for easy installation and integration into custom motorcycles, ATVs, and Slingshots. Additionally, its high power output ensures a dynamic and immersive sound experience, enhancing the overall performance and thrill of the motorsport activities.

We will offer 3 models for 1 channel amplifiers, 3 models for unique 2 channel amplifiers, and 2 models for super compact 4 channel amplifiers, with many more to come!

The latest technology on surface mount components utilizes advanced mounting techniques that secure the components firmly to the circuit board, minimizing the risk of damage caused by vibrations. This ensures that the MDX Series maintains a superior sound quality even in high-intensity motorsport activities, providing enthusiasts and competitors with a reliable and immersive audio experience throughout their thrilling rides.

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