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New Product Release: D270Ph-S

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The latest addition to the 1” Exit phenolic family, the D270Ph-S is a new and improved compact driver that is all about high output and low distortion vocal reproduction all the way down to 500 Hz! The new D270Ph-S is the perfect solution for use in high output PA and PRO audio on wheels systems.

Product Highlight - D270Ph-S

• 2″ phenolic diaphragm provides extreme clarity in the critical mid or vocal range
• New and improved design based on our D250Ph-S
• Ideal driver for mid range and vocal reinforcement
• Compact driver size is perfect for conditions where space is a concern

Brazilian Phenolic Technology Designed For Vocal Reproduction. 
High temperature copper wire is used for the voice coil that is wound on a Kapton former to withstand high operating temperatures. The old replacement diaphragm RPD250Ph still fits the D270Ph-S driver. The nearly indestructible phenolic diaphragm, that can play down to 500 Hz, ( RPD270Ph ) is built to resist the elements, perfect for outdoor use.

Compact driver design for easy front mount installation.
Based on the design of our D250Ph-S this more compact driver was created to supply the demand in the market. The small diameter of the driver allows front mounting, making it easy to install, without detaching the driver from the horn. 

PRV Audio - D270Ph-S x D250Ph-S Comparative Graphic

Comparison with old D250Ph-s with the new D270Ph-S improved performance.
Designed to reproduce the all-important vocal range with authority! This mid range compression driver and horn is a great choice for high power public address (PA) Systems small venues and gymnasiums. Car audio SPL enthusiasts use this combo for vocal reinforcement on 3 way systems.

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