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New Release: 6MB550FT – Forte Series 6″ Mid Bass Loudspeaker

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The 6MB550FT Forte Series midbass was specially tailored to give you more Xmax on mid low mid bass with its Peak-to-Peak excursion going up to 14 mm (0.55″) this speaker can give a heck of a punch!

The long 2″ voice coil ensures high heat dissipation and the necessary motor strength to deliver high sensitivity even on high power with the minimum distortion with recommended High Pass filter of 95Hz at 12 dB Octave

All this attention to detail makes the 6MB550FT one impressive driver. With 94.5 dB efficiency and 250 watts power handling this mid bass is ideally used in stage monitor, auditorium, touring, and outdoor systems. The smooth response from 85 to 7,500 Hz is perfect for 2 or 3-way designs.

• Designed to handle low frequency at high power output
• Xmax 5.40 mm – 14 mm Peak-to-Peak excursion before damage
• Huge magnet for increased efficiency and control
• Endurance at Loudest Volumes
• Vented pole piece minimizes power compression and increases power handling
• Rigid cast aluminum frame can withstand the use and abuse of pro and car audio

Natural paper cone and double roll surround for smooth response
A rigid cast aluminum frame with narrow spokes to minimize reflections back into the cone. In addition, the frame includes force cooling system openings which allows airflow to cool the voice coil. To drive the voice coil, a large ferrite magnet is used with a very precise machined top and bottom plate. The additional dual forced vent in the back plate for the coil allows this driver to handle up to 250 watts RMS without issue.

Featuring a paper cone has a special high strength paper pulp composition designed to achieve the best possible linearity within the middle frequency range and a special cone treatment specifically dedicated to improving the dampening properties of the moving assembly, thus considerably improving the smooth frequency response.

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