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New Release: D275Ph-S Phenolic TRIO Compression Horn Driver


Phenolic TRIO Compression Horn Driver
D275Ph-S – 200 Watts 8 Ohms 2″ Voice Coil – Screw-On 1″ Exit – Midrange Vocal Reproduction

The new addition to the 1” Exit Phenolic family, the D275Ph-S driver is all about midrange vocal reproduction at low distortion. Built to last with its phenolic diaphragm and copper voice coil, which are designed to reproduce the all-important vocal range with authority!


  • High-Temperature copper voice coil and phenolic diaphragm for natural response
  • Designed for midrange and vocals from 500 to 6,500 Hz
  • High Output – 107 dB sensitivity
  • Rated AES Power Handling (RMS): 100 Watts
  • Program Musical Power: 200 Watts

TRIO by PRV uses the latest Brazilian phenolic technology designed for vocal reproduction.

High output mobile audio enthusiasts choose the PRV Audio D275Ph-s for extreme SPL car audio competitions in South America, while DJs use it in high SPL speaker cabinets for entertaining crowds that number in the thousands. The phenolic diaphragm is attached to a 2″ diameter copper wire with Kapton® former for a high 100 watts RMS power handling rating (when used with the recommended 500 Hz, 12 dB/octave high pass crossover).

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