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New Release: EX3.5 STEREO Electronic Crossover

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Bringing innovation and technology to the automotive sound market, PRV Audio launches the EX3.5 STEREO electronic crossover.

This crossover gives you the power to customize your sound with a frequency of filter adjustments. It features a 3-way adjustable HIGH PASS and LOW PASS filters, output level control on each channel, plus an adjustable BASS-BOOST option on the Sub Out channel. Enhance your audio system!

• 2/4 RCA Input Signal Options
• 9 Volts RMS maximum output
• Bass Boost 0 to 12dB set at 45 Hz
• Quick On/Off button for each channel
• Crossover slope rate: Butterworth 12 dB / Octave

Input and output functions:
– 2/4 RCA inputs for 2 Channels – 1 Stereo and 1 Mono
– 6 RCA outputs for 3 Channels – 2 Stereo and 1 Mono

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