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New Release: K Series – 8K Full Range Amplifier

K Series full-range amplifiers are all about compact design, where performance is not sacrificed!

• 8000 Watts RMS at 1 Ohm / 2 Ohms
• Compact Design
• 0 Gauge power/ground connectors
• 10 Gauge speaker terminals

Our engineering team focused on achieving fidelity first, and then on making our K Series amplifiers amazingly powerful, efficient and small. These efforts led to a remarkable twin force regulated power supply technology, which allows all of these goals to be achieved.

The 8K 1 ohm is rated at 8000 Watts RMS at 13.8 volts with 84% efficiency and the 8K 2 ohms is rated at 8000 Watts RMS at 13.8 volts with 86% efficiency.

The K Series delivers the most innovative and powerful Brazilian technology on a regulated power supply, able to constantly delivers power at a wide frequency range when working either at low or high voltage. Loaded with features, built-In Low/ High Pass Filter, Bass Boost allow the use of this amplifier for a broader variety of applications – from deep bass all the way to high frequencies.

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