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New Release: PRV Full Range Loudspeakers

The FR Series sets a new standard for Full Range drivers.


These full range speakers are an excellent choice when space is at an absolute minimum, eliminating the need for a tweeter. Available on the following sizes:

6.5″ – 6FR200 ✅ 80 – 20,000Hz
8″ – 8FR250 ✅ 50 – 18,000Hz
10″ – 10FR300 ✅ 50 – 14,000Hz
6×9″ – 69FR250-4 ✅ 75 – 18,000Hz

Featuring a dual cone design, the primary cone handles low to mid range frequencies while the smaller secondary cone increases high frequency response, giving these drivers an extended range of response.

The combination of a low-distortion motor system with a copper ring and a unique woven-cloth dustcap provides exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics at an impressive sensitivity.

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