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New Release: Wire Series – 100% Pure Oxygen Free Copper

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PRV Audio Power Wire Series provides an easy installation solution for premium performance for car audio systems.

With so many low-quality cables on the market, PRV Audio wanted to offer its customers a product that could be counted on to deliver maximum current. Perfect Match for our high power Brazilian amplifiers.

Power cables transfer all power of your system to your amps and if you want premium system performance, PRV wiring will provide your amps all the energy they need to give you peak performance.

• True Size – Meets AWG (American Wire Gauge) requirements
• 100% Pure Oxygen Free Copper
• Flexible PVC jacket allows for positioning in tight spaces
• Available in Orange and Black

The premium-grade PVC jacket provides excellent resistance to abrasion, water, oil and is highly flexible, even in low or high temperatures giving extraordinary flexibility, making installation easier.

Carefully engineered and produced from selected materials, PRV Technoise® cables won’t let you down. The high strand count of pure oxygen-free non-recycled virgin copper in our wire maximizes the current flow to deliver its power effectively. This means you get 60% more current conductivity compared to CCA wires of the same size.

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  • Esteban Ortiz ,

    Me encanta su diversa linea de productos prv bien practicos precios confortables y una elegancia extrema

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