New Product Release: 12MB1500

The new PRV 12MB1500 has an excellent linear response, well controlled down to 80 Hz, which makes it a great option for 2-way cabinet systems that require strong BL magnet force and bass punch. A double silicon spider system ensures excellent control during large excursions of 40 mm peak-to-peak excursion before damage and a unique 3,5” inside/outside voice coil design provides a very high-power handling.

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New Product Release: WG2500Ti

The NEW WG2500Ti is a unique combo featuring a Titanium Pro Audio compression driver with a 2” exit waveguide that features a special 2.5” size voice coil allowing accurate reproduction through 17 kHz. It delivers 100 Watts RMS and 200 Watts Program Power and the small diameter of the driver allows front mounting, making it easy to install, without detaching the driver from the horn. 

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New Product Release: 10MR1000X

The PRV Audio 10MR1000X is the evolution of our line, after intense 2 years of development we have created the mid range loudspeaker that offers outstanding durability, high power handling at sensitivity rating of 100 dB 1W/1M which makes it capable of generating a lot of output!

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This specially designed loudspeaker is assembled with top of the line components for long lasting play, even during intense use.