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10" PRO Audio Low Frequency Woofer


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  • 10″ Woofer – 4 Ohm
  • Neodymium Magnet
  • 97 dB – 1200 Watts


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Moto Series MT10W1200-NDY-4 has been engineered to give your custom motorcycle saddlebags the ultimate low frequency midbass response, considering the tough environment on the roads.

PRV Audio is proud to present our new MOTO Series (MT), high performance PRO audio line dedicated for motorsports installations, focused on bringing to you the latest innovative materials and components to resist weather conditions and to provide the highest sound reproduction possible.

Product highlight - MT10W1200-NDY-4 514x300
  • Optimized for use in compact enclosures this mid is ideal for motorcycle saddlebags
  • 1,200 watts RMS power makes high acoustical output
  • Rubber Surround allows a generous 1.65″ peak-to-peak excursion
  • Powerful neodymium magnet structure features distortion-canceling fixtures
  • Fast transient response, deep low tones and dynamic mid bass
  • Weather-resistant paper cone and dust cap with true PRO audio midbass performance

The MT10W1200-NDY-4 sets a new performance standards that combines durability, efficiency, and maximum displacement into a great looking midbass speaker that will deliver the deepest low frequency response with power and authority.


Custom tooled surround allows long throw while maximizing cone surface area, to get superior fidelity and high efficiency!

The special composite cone is built with non-pressed paper for reduced break-up and treated to be water resistant, delivering a smooth frequency response and a low moving mass, increasing the efficiency of the speaker, with a generous 1.65″ peak-to-peak excursion before damage.


Extensive motor venting cools the voice coil enabling high power handling with low power compression. The large 3″ voice coil allows for 1200 Watts of Amplifier RMS Power, and warrants the outstanding cooling system implemented into the motor.

Its powerful optimized neodymium motor is vented to provide excellent cooling for its voice coil. This neo magnet also helps decreasing the weight on the speaker comparing to a ferrite magnet motor. This compact design will fit and sound great on any saddlebag that has about 1 cubic feet.



Able to stand up to the use and abuse on bike sound competitions its 3″ voice coil that is wound inside-outside on a fiberglass former features a generous 18 mm winding length for extended Xmax and less distortion.

High sensitivity rating of 97 dB 1W/1M which makes it capable of generating a lot of output!

Technical Details


Nominal Diameter 10″ (254 mm)
Nominal impedance* 4 Ohm
Nominal Power Handling** 600 Watts
Continuous Program Power (RMS) 1200 Watts
Max Peak Power*** 2400 Watts
Sensitivity 2.00V at 1m 97.0 dB
Recommended Hi Pass Crossover* *For Full Power Handling 65 Hz* *12db Per Octave Crossover
Frequency Response 40 – 4,000 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter 3″ (76 mm)
Voice Coil Wire CCAW
Voice Coil Winding Depth 18.0 mm
Former Material Glass Fiber
Magnetic Gap Depth 10.0 mm
Frame Material Die Cast Aluminum

*Nominal power handling is defined as the maximum RMS power that the speaker can handle in a 2-hour test with a pink noise with 6dB of crest factor and a bandpass filter with 12db/oct tuned in its usable frequency range.
**Continuous Program Power (RMS) is the maximum power that the speaker can handle considering a regular musical program using our recommended filters, this power can be used to define the optimum amplifier power to avoid a clean signal without clipping or saturation.
***Max Peak Power is the maximum power operation for the speaker, this power is allowed just for a few fractions of a second, usually found just on the peaks of the music. Keeping this power for a little longer timer will damage the speaker.


Equivalent Volume Vas 41.24 l
Excursion (mathematical)*** Xmax 6.5 mm
Free Air Resonance Fs 46.9 Hz
Mechanical Factor Qms 7.94
Electrical Factor Qes 0.31
Total Factor Qts 0.30
Cone Area Sd 373 cm²
Mechanical Mass Mms 54.1 g
Bl Factor Bl 12.29 Tm
Dc Resistance Re 3.0 Ohm
Inductance Le 0.376 mH at 1 kHz
Mechanical Mass Without Air Mmd 50.0 g
Mechanical Compliance Cms 0.212 mm/N

***Xmax=(Voice coil winding depth-Magnetic Gap depth)/2+ Mgnetic Gap Depth/4


Overall Diameter 10.27” (261 mm)
Front Mount Baffle Cutout 9.05” (230 mm)
Mounting Depth 4.49” (114 mm)
Overall Depth 5.00” (127 mm)
Net Weight 8.38 Lbs (3.8 kg)
Shipping Weight 9.95 Lbs (4.5 kg)
Carton Dimensions W x L x H 11.25”x 11.5” x 6” (286 x 292 x 152 mm)
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – our Return Policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Awesome sounds and quality

These 10 are top of the line in sound!!!! The can can take a lot of power there definitely turn heads

Very Satisfied

These 10"subs are great and they sound great and have me turing alot of heads when I'm rolling down the street !

Bad ass

Bad ass love this speaker 10 times better than expected

Keith Tatum
Great speakers

Great speakers. Added them to my Trike and everyone is wondering why they are so sound. All I can say is get in line!

Barry Deans
Great speaker

Powerful, great build


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