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3 in 1 Smart Charger


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  • 120A Power Supply
  • Smart Charger
  • Maintainer


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120 Amp Car Battery Charger PRV SC-120AMP Power Supply and Smart Automatic Maintainer

The SC-120AMP Smart Charger is a modern and efficient 3-in-1 automotive battery charger and power supply unit designed to deliver ideal voltage to batteries while consistently preventing overcharges.

This adjustable Power Supply unit can eliminate the need to run your car alternator and supply power to a 12v system without the use of any batteries.

The PRV SC-120AMP can run your system just as a car alternator would. When installed in your show car, home system or test bench, it can plug into a standard wall outlet to power your 12v equipment. A lower capacity model is also available, the SC-50AMP.

  • Built-in Multimeter Display: Voltage / Current / Average Amps per Hour

Microprocessor Charging System (MCS) Smart Battery Charger:
Its microprocessor controls current flow while batteries are charging, guaranteeing no overcharging, and always maintaining set voltage.
Eliminate hours of charging on a large battery bank, where more batteries demand additional current to be able to charge faster.

Constant 120A current and constant 14.4V voltage, very suitable for charging any AGM, GEL, lithium-ion or LiFePO4 automotive, marine and deep-cycle 12V batteries.

Adjustable Power Supply (APS) Power on Demand:
The SC-120AMP is not only a charger, but a real power supply able to deliver instant power to your system! Adjustable voltage and current controls help set the best performance according to the available power source.

A great addition to your custom-sound-system loaded show car, the SC-120AMP lets you:

  • Avoid idling your vehicle for hours
  • Save on gas
  • Prevent unnecessary engine wear
  • or even power your custom 12v home system without the use of batteries

The SC-120Amp can supply power to a system, up to 2000-Watts, without the use of any batteries. Adding a 100Ah battery will allow you to power a system, up to 4500 Watts, for about 1 hour of play time before having to fully recharge the battery.
The larger the battery bank, the longer you will be able to play or the more power on demand you will have access to for a short period of time.

Fully Automatic Battery Maintainer (FABM) Charge Loop:
When you reach 14.4v, the Maintainer mode will start. After 3 hours of charging at 14.4v, the voltage will drop to 13.8v, maintaining such voltage for up to 23 hours. A final equalization mode then brings voltage up to 14.4v for 1 hour. The FABM mode will keep the unit in an infinite loop on this cycle while plugged in, preventing overheating and permanent damage to batteries.

Its adjustable amperage control gives you ultimate control when powering/charging your system, without the risk of tripping any breakers. Should the power outlet not be strong enough, you can adjust the amperage output on the power supply to match the circuit power grid that you are plugged into.

Technical Details

Protect your batteries and get the most performance from your system with the simple tips below:

  • Before using your sound system, turn on the power supply a few hours beforehand so that fully recharge the batteries
  • Keep the power supply turned on the whole time while the system is playing
  • After using the sound system, keep the power supply turned on until it recharges the batteries at its full cycle
  • The least the batteries discharge and recharge, the longer they will last.
  • Battery life is linked to charge/discharge cycles


  • AC Power Input:the AC input power connection must be within range of 100-140VAC with a maximum current consumption of 10 amps.
  • Electric Extension Cord: The cable must be at least 14 Gauge with a maximum length of 25 feet or 12 Gauge with a maximum length of 50 feet.


  • Low Input Voltage: The unit will go into protection, if input AC voltage goes below its voltage range on the table below.
  • Temperature: its temperature is monitor when the unit is ON, if it exceeds over 185°F the unit will NOT stop working but it will lower its output power. When it reaches at normal operation temperature, its power output goes back to its maximum potential.
  • Shortage on DC Output: If any short circuit occurs, the unit will go into protection mode.


If after 24 hours of charging the battery does not hold charge and reach 14.4V or not entered into FABM mode, it is probably already at the end of its useful life.In this case the battery must be replaced with a new one.


AC Input Voltage Bivolt Automatic (120/220VAC)
AC Input Voltage 127v 100 – 140v AC
AC Input Voltage 220v 170 – 250v AC
Maximum Output Current 120A
Efficiency 86%
Maximum Input Current 127v 23A
Maximum Input Current 220v 13A
Internal Breaker 25A
Output Voltage 12.5v to 14.4v ± 1%
Dimension (WxDxH) 12″ x 7.33″ x 2.95″
Weight 5.65Lbs
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – our Return Policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
David fields
Great so far

I use it on my Ham radio, worked great

Eric Kempinski
SC-120amp battery charger

Super easy to hook up . Easy to use . Fast and efficient and works perfect. Love PRV !

Dagoberto gonzalez
Prv high quality

If you want to power your audio system.
This power supply is the solution.
I'm running this one a 15 k viking banda.
With 2 power supply and I get real ampere
I'm get 4 more I want to flex 20k rms .
I highly recommend it..

Thanks prv .
Keep up the good job.

Dagoberto gonzalez
Great power supply

This power supply, is amazing.
I love it .
I recommended it.
Is easy to use ,shows when battery is fully charged.
Never get heated, because fan is always on.

And also the price is very accessible.,very good price.
You will not find a power supply 120amps at that price.
Prv keep up your good equipment please.

Love it.
You can search on you tube my videos.
Search prv power supply.

Kevin Patrick II

The SC-120 is a powerhouse for sure! Perfect for adding some car audio kick on a home system. It is a sweet looking unit and its cool you can adjust the power output (volts and amps) depending what you are using it for. Beware tho, it does make an audible buzzing/whirring sound when being used, and its lights are pretty bright. I also wish that it had an option to show what the volt meter display shows, it changes between volts & amps on its own.