PRV Audio Loudspeaker Component and Amplifier Limited Warranty

PRV Audio products are guaranteed for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original purchase against any manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship under normal use. This warranty protects only the original purchaser of PRV Audio products purchased from an Authorized PRV Audio Dealer. This warranty is non-transferable.
When a product is sent to PRV Audio for warranty claims, it is assumed that the original purchaser has read and fully understands the PRV Audio warranty policy. In no event shall PRV Audio be liable for incidental or consequential damages including, without limitation: injury to persons, property or loss of potential income.

Return Procedure

For any PRV Products, other than amplifiers, the original purchaser shall contact the original retailer of purchase in order to obtain a return authorization.
To obtain a Return Authorization for a PRV AUDIO Amplifier, please visit this link:

All warranty claims (once you received a Return Authorization #) must be sent to PRV Audio freight prepaid through an Authorized PRV Audio Dealer and must be accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt/invoice. Any items purchased online, must be bought from an Authorized PRV Audio Online Dealer in order to qualify for manufacturer’s warranty. The list of Authorized PRV Audio Online Dealers can be found on Direct returns from consumers or non-authorized dealers will be refused. Product must be packed in original packaging or equivalent to avoid any damages during transportation. Purchaser is responsible for expenses to return the product to the original retailer of purchase. Upon receipt of the item, PRV Audio will notify claimant within THREE (3) business days. At this time, PRV Audio will let claimant know: (a) if the item qualifies for a warranty claim; (b) the expected turn-around time to receive the item back; (c) the proper procedure to follow to ensure minimal delays. If an item does not qualify for warranty replacement or repair, then claimant is responsible for ALL freight and shipping costs.

This warranty does not extend to damage resulting from, but not limited to:

-Improper installation
-Product modification
-Misuse and neglect
-Abuse (items returned repeatedly for the same damage may be considered abuse)
-Damage resulting from attempted repairs by unauthorized repair centers or individuals
-Damage incurred during shipment
-Burned voice coils
-Speakers damaged from amplifier clipping or distortion
-Normal wear and tear when used as intended
-Product damaged in an accident
-Damages due to criminal activity
-By ‘acts of God’ (lightning, flooding, etc.)
-Blown outputs or power supplies in amplifiers from overdriving or under voltage due to ignoring the LED Clipping Indicator
-Using an aluminum wire and/or any other wire that is not recommended in the owner’s manual on a high-current amplifier
-Excessive vibration damage in amplifiers due to improper installation
-Installation and removal costs of the products associated with obtaining a warranty claim
-Products with the serial number and/or warranty seal removed or damaged

For any products that do not qualify for warranty protection, please contact the original retailer of purchase to obtain repair information.

For any further questions please contact PRV Audio through the website – Thank you for choosing PRV!
This warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may also have other rights which vary state-to-state or by country.