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Brand New QS2000 Full Range Amps from PRV Audio Impress with their Wide Frequency Response and Versatility

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Completing the QS Series, an impressive family of amplifiers from PRV Audio that shines for offering efficient design and an unsurpassed value, come the  Brand New QS2000 Full Range Amps, available in both 1 Ohm and 2 Ohm variations. Together, they conform a series of Full Range, Class D 12V Amplifiers. As in the other incarnations, but in this case with 2000 watts TRUE RMS certified at full range output, these amplifiers are designed to serve in a multitude of applications and have been developed with the best Class D Brazilian technology.

In line with other amplifiers within the series, the QS2000 have a small footprint and compact chassis that make these amplifiers easy to install anywhere in the vehicle, and are engineered to be the most efficient full range amplifiers, so that you can get the most out of your vehicle’s electrical system. In addition, armed with all the bells and whistles (Built-in HIGH and LOW pass filters, Led Indicators for Status Monitoring, plus Heat Dissipation Design) these amplifiers are ready to play and handle it all, from deep bass all the way to high frequencies.

Hurry up, don’t hesitate, and get ready to explore our growing value-oriented QS Series, and consider the QS2000 for a wide variety of applications, including subwoofers, midbass, midrange, full range speakers, phenolic drivers, titanium drivers, and super tweeters, among others.

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