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PRV Audio Pushes the Envelope with the D3220TiH-Nd, a Titanium Hybrid Compression Horn Driver that Redefines Smooth Midrange Frequency Response

D3220TiH-Nd - News Release - 1200x600
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The D3220TiH-Nd, a Brand New Titanium Hybrid Compression Horn Driver from PRV Audio, proves that exceptional components and outstanding engineering make for exceptional products. Starting with a unique compact 4.88″ diameter neodymium ring magnet that drastically reduces the overall size facilitating front mount applications, and armed with a an exceptional non-standard 3″ voice coil attached to a pure titanium diaphragm with an exclusive Mylar suspension, the D3500TiH-Nd produces an amazing 110 dB of output with only 1 watt of input power, dramatically enhancing the critical upper mid-range frequencies.

Standing out in even the loudest of environments, the D3500TiH-Nd generates crystal clear natural sound with a wider response from 800 to 19,000 Hz, for effortless, dynamic output over a broad range. Complement it with any shallow horn from the remarkable WGP14-50X Series to bring your car’s pro audio system to the next level.

Take time to meet the D3220TiH-Nd Compression Driver, and you won’t regret it, and get ready to embrace cutting edge technology that’s well thought out and well put together.

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