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PRV Audio Releases Superior Motorcycle / Motorsports Tweeters for the Everyday Rider & the Competition Bound Alike!

MT2.2TWB-4, MT2.TWC-4 and MT2.7TWB-4 - Product Release
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With a trio of brand new Short Horn Neodymium Tweeters, MT2.2TWB-4, MT2.2TWC-4, and MT2.7TWB-4, PRV Audio significantly beefs up its MOTO Series offerings, rounding up what is already an impressive lineup, and establishing it as the go-to brand for those seeking exceptional pro audio performance in motorsports applications. Motorcycle and Motorsports enthusiasts looking for powerful solutions for either everyday rides or competition grade performance will hence rejoice at the combination of design, good looks, versatility, power and capability that they offer.

Premium materials, combined with the compact construction that a neodymium motor allows, and clever engineering, together provide the high output, installation versatility, and frequency performance that superior audio demands, and that will allow you boundless opportunities to enhance your adventure.

Whether on a Utility Vehicle, a 4 wheeler, a Slingshot, or a Motorcycle, enhance your audio experience with little modification, and be blown away by how the right equipment can optimize your rides, turn heads, impress, and be the best companion on the open road!

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