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The D4400Ph-Nd v2, a Bestselling 2” Phenolic Midrange Driver from PRV Audio Stuns with its Latest Evolution

D4400Ph-Nd v2 - News Release - 1200x600
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Car audio enthusiasts looking to reproduce vocal range with fidelity, efficiency and outstanding musical power, have come to rely on the D4400Ph-Nd. Newly re-engineered and optimized for extreme car audio competitions and consistently strong vocal reproduction, the D4400Ph-Nd v2 takes it up a notch, if not way more, taking full advantage of both its neodymium magnet and Brazilian phenolic technology to become the most solid solution yet to spacing and weight issues, while delivering natural response through vocal midrange frequencies.

Handling up to an impressive 400 Watts of musical power, its compact neodymium motor makes front-mount installation easier with WGP22-50 horns, putting to market a design that quickly wins adepts over the ferrite D4400Ph.

A vast improvement over its previous version, this TRIO by PRV driver well deserves a second look, and is bound to remain the standard choice for car audio competitors for years to come.

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