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New QS3000 Full Range Amps from PRV Audio Scream Value in an Efficient, Small Footprint Design

QS3000 - Product News Release - 1200 x 600px

Rounding up its most recent line of full bridge and high wattage amplifiers, PRV Audio introduces the QS3000, in both 1 Ohm and 2 Ohm variations, versatile and affordable amplifiers packed in a compact chassis, making them the perfect solution for daily car audio systems.

Engineering marvels, the QS3000 1Ω and QS3000 2Ω are jam-packed with the features that guarantee efficiency and a perfect match to your vehicle’s electrical system, including 4-way protection circuitry featuring high voltage, low voltage, shortage, and current protection, as well as built-in Power/Protection/Clip LED indicators on the top panel.

Explore our growing value-oriented QS Series, and consider the QS3000 for a wide variety of applications, including subwoofers, midbass, midrange, full range speakers, phenolic drivers, titanium drivers, and super tweeters, among others.

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