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PRV Audio Releases the D4500Ph-Nd Midrange Driver, a 2″ Exit Pro Audio Phenolic Neodymium Compression Driver that’s Not for the Faint of Heart

D4500Ph-Nd - Press Release - 1200x600
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PRV Audio engineers set out to exceed expectations when developing the D4500Ph-Nd Midrange Driver, a high quality professional grade compression driver in its TRIO By PRV Series designed for vocal reproduction, with impressive power and a diaphragm structure destined to withstand the high demands of extreme car audio competitions.

Able to capture the subtle nuances and wide range of your favorite music and deliver an immersive listening experience like no other, the D4500Ph-Nd is made of top of the line materials to ensure enhanced sound clarity and improved performance. Taking full advantage of the compact design a neodymium motor allows, and taking things above what the ferrite D4500Ph already established, both installation hurdles and spacing and weight constraints are a thing of the past, so that your performance can be boundless and unmatched where it counts most.

Let your car audio competition setup and outstanding builds benefit from new heights of power, quality and precision in midrange reproduction, so that vocals stand out and your musical power benefits from the best technology has to offer.

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