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PRV Audio Creates a New Compression Driver and Mini Horn Combo Destined to become the Darling of Custom Door Installations. Meet the WG175Py-Nd-4

WG175Py-Nd-4 - Press Release
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Cleverly combining a mini horn driver featuring a 1″ exit polyimide Pro Audio compression diver with a 1” exit WG08-25 waveguide, the WG175Py-Nd-4 ups the game in natural upper midrange and high frequency response at high sensitivity, with crystal clear natural sound.

Thanks to its small magnet diameter, front mounting is an ease, which allows a quick and easy installation without having to detach the driver from the WG08-25 horn. Both installers and DIY aficionados will both appreciate a design with custom door installations in mind, in which an ultra-small mids and highs horn driver with extraordinary sensitivity fits wonderfully in tight spaces, courtesy of a compact and high strength neodymium magnet and a mini horn with a slim mounting depth.

Conveniently paired, the WG175Py-Nd-4 is designed to become a quick favorite and impress, which is no wonder once one checks out its specifications and tests it on custom builds.

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