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PRV Audio Delves Full Force into Motorsports Applications with a Pair of Shallow Carbon Fiber Neo Midrange Speakers

MT6MR400CF-NDY-4 SLIM and MT8MR400CF-NDY-4 SLIM - Press Release - 1200x600
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Well aware of trail and open road equipment and environmental demands, PRV Audio introduces the MT6MR400CF-NDY-4 SLIM and MT8MR400CF-NDY-4 SLIM, 6.5” and 8” Carbon Fiber Neodymium Midrange Loudspeakers from its famed MOTO Series that demonstrate a keen sense of the special wattage, weather resistance, weight and size considerations of motorcycle, motorsports installations, and beyond.

With the rider experience in mind above all, PRV Audio set out to create shallow speakers that are soon to become the number one choice for Motorcycle bag lids application, as well as Slingshot pods. In addition, these practical and attractive speakers also prove ideal for boats, utility vehicles, and 4-wheelers. Compact, lightweight, and counting with the materials and design to ensure both performance and durability, with full range sound, high output, and loud, clear vocals that shine in tight, compact spaces.

So, whether you’re ready to hit the trail or the open road, make sure to get the Pro Audio equipment that will ensure you both professional sound, and a satisfying experience from installation to long term use.

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