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Bringing back the true value of PRO audio speakers – 6MB400 / 8MB500 / 8MR400

6MB400, 8MB500, 8MR400 - News
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PRV Audio is committed to innovation and setting new industry standards! These 3 newly released models 6MB400 / 8MB500 / 8MR400 will transform the industry of PRO Audio and Car Audio Loudspeakers!

Besides performing extremely well for their price, these mids will also demonstrate our PRO Audio speakers’ advanced technology, which will lead to a new standard of smaller and more powerful loudspeakers.

6MB400 - Main View

6MB400 features a small profile capable of handling high power with a fast and tight midbass response.


8MB500 features deep low midbass response covering the critical low frequency range all the way down to 75Hz.

8MR400 - Main View

8MR400 features the perfect balance between value and performance for an 8″ professional midrange speaker. It is purpose-built to cover from 90 Hz to 7,500 Hz in three-way speakers.

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