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New Release: 10W1000-NDY – 10″ Neodymium low-frequency woofer

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PRV Audio’s 10W1000-NDY Neodymium Woofer Loudspeaker was carefully crafted to reproduce a natural, smooth sound while remaining dynamic. The PRV Audio 10W1000-NDY is the evolution of our mid bass loudspeakers, our R&D department pushed the output limits on a mid bass driver, creating a unique sound reproduction. 


  • 3″ Inside/Out aluminum voice coil wound on fiberglass former for hi-temp performance – 8 Ohms
  • 500 watts continuous program power rating makes the high acoustical output
  • 36 mm peak-to-peak excursion before damage
  • 98 dB sensitivity, which makes it capable of generating a lot of output!
  • Detailed vocal reproduction on a wide frequency band response

To get superior fidelity, the special composite cone is built with non-pressed paper for a reduced break-up, delivering a smooth frequency response and a low moving mass, increasing the efficiency of the speaker.


The 10W1000-NDY is an extremely efficient 10″ woofer from PRV Audio. To stand up to the use and abuse of the professional sound environment we designed a 3″ CCAW voice coil that is wound inside-outside on fiberglass former and features a generous 18 mm winding length for extended Xmax and less distortion. (with a suggested 80 Hz, 12 dB/octave high pass filter in place)!

Its powerful optimized neodymium motor is vented to provide excellent cooling.


The large 3″ voice coil allows for the high 1,000-watt power handling and warrants the outstanding cooling system implemented into the motor.

The high sensitivity rating of 98 dB 1W/1M which makes it capable of generating a lot of output!

Perfect Component for 3 Way System such as 10W1000-NDY + 8MR450A + TW700Ti

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  • Sunit ,

    What’s the frequency range? And can you share the sensitivity (dB) curve? I am looking for a specific academic application and would like to see the sensitivity graph for this.

    • Developer ,

      This equalizer frequency range is 10Hz to 50kHz +/- 1dB.

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