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New Release: 8MR500-NDY v2 Series

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The 8MR500-NDY v2 series was designed from the ground-up to become the new standard in vocal reproduction in compact enclosures.

The new and improved version 2 meets the demand for an extreme lightweight and powerful mid range loudspeaker. Great Addition to
the MR series.

  • 2″ DUAL layer CCAW voice coil wound on Kapton former, 8 ohms
  • Low inductance for great transients and extended high frequency response
  • Strong Vocal response on vocal range from 300 to 850 Hz 
  • 500 watts continuous program power rating produces high acoustical output

Built for loud and clear vocal performance in tight, compact spaces. The new Version 2 has improved its motor and basket design. Now featuring a new copper-clad aluminum voice coil for low moving mass to increase efficiency.

Its low-mass yet stiff cone helps provide clean, detailed, high-impact sound reproduction. Supporting the cone is a triple roll treated cloth surround designed both to ensure the speaker’s extended frequency response to
9,000 Hz and strong vocal presence from 300 to 850 Hz.

This full-featured mid range incorporates a 2” double layered copper clad aluminum wire voice coil, and a symmetrical inductance profile. Everything about this speaker has been designed for reliable and consistent high output levels even when driven to its limit, allowing you to achieve high fidelity sound at low distortion with the best possible listening experience.

Our R&D department developed two versions:

8MR500-NDY v2 – 8 Ohms

  • Excellent performance in 3-way systems
  • Replacement for 8MB500v2-NDY, improved vocal response
  • Great choice for high output home, and professional audio systems

This driver is perfect for home Hi-Fi installs, including bookshelf, satellite, surround sound speakers and even studio monitors. It is a great option for 3 way cabinets requiring additional midrange support adding finest details in an audio program and reproduces them accurately at concert-level volume.

8MR500-NDY-4 v2 – 4 Ohms

  • Great as door speaker in car audio application
  • Number one choice for motorcycle bag lids application because
    of its lightweight
  • Replacement for 8MR500-NDY-4, improved vocal response and
    voice coil

This driver is perfect for applications where weight and space is limited, such as custom doors panels, motorcycle fairing and saddlebags, making this driver a popular speaker choice among high output car and motor sports audio enthusiasts.

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    Me gusta esa bocina quero aser una caja de tres vias y segun lo que lei aserca de ella es muy interesante por su grandioso sonido de bos que es muy importante en una caja de bocinas de tres vias

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