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New Release: D4500Ph – 2″ Exit Phenolic TRIO Compression Driver

Phenolic TRIO Compression Horn Driver
D4500Ph – 500 Watts 8 Ohms 4″ Voice Coil – Bolt-On 2″ Exit – Midrange Vocal Reproduction

The D4500Ph uses the latest Brazilian Phenolic technology TRIO by PRV designed for vocal reproduction. This 2” Exit phenolic compression driver features a 4″ voice coil and a new and improved motor that is all about high output and low distortion vocal reproduction all the way down to 450 Hz!


  • 108 dB efficient driver is perfect for the highest output audio systems
  • Large 4″ voice coil can handle up to 500 watts max musical power
  • Rated AES Power Handling (RMS): 250 Watts
  • The phenolic diaphragm delivers natural response throughout the vocal range
  • Type Bolt-On – Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms

Brazilian Phenolic Technology Designed For Vocal Reproduction. High temperature CCAW is used for the voice coil that is wound on a Kapton former to withstand high operating temperatures.  The nearly indestructible Phenolic Diaphragm structure, designed for vocal reproduction, allows low midrange reproduction from 450 to 6000 Hz. This driver is recommended for midrange support in multi-way PA’s, stage monitors, side fills and high SPL car audio systems.

The D4500Ph is designed to ensure quality sound and long-lasting play in most of any environment. Designed to be the smallest possible without sacrificing any performance in the motor for its 4″ voice coil, we have used a 7.86″ diameter ferrite motor, to keep the smallest size and weight in its category. Car audio SPL enthusiasts use this driver for vocal reinforcement on 3 way systems.

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