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  • 6.5″ Midrange – 4 Ohm
  • Shallow Mount
  • 94 dB – 200 Watts


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PRV Audio’s ALTO Series were carefully crafted and voiced to reproduce a natural, smooth sound while remaining dynamic. To get the superior fidelity, a special composite cone is used to smooth frequency response and to keep the moving mass low, increasing the efficiency. The 6MR200A-4 midrange speaker is our solution for PROAudioOnWheels® for Car audio systems.

  • 6.5″ Car audio midrange speaker designed for Low Frequencies with shallow profile
  • 200 watts RMS program power gives capability of high acoustical output with small amplifier
  • Impressive choice for high output, car audio, and custom systems – 4 Ohm Impedance
  • Smooth response through the mid-bass and vocal range at at loudest volumes

To ensure absolute signal fidelity, a cloth sealed surround is combined with a carefully crafted Kevlar-loaded paper cone. Additionally, a vented pole piece allows heat to escape for reduced power compression.

The 6MR200A midrange speaker is the evolution of the 6MR250A, this unit was designed with the goal of producing the highest possible output from a compact design without sacrificing performance, with only 2.24″ mounting depth.

This professional midrange speaker is purpose-built to cover from 100 Hz to 6,000 Hz in three-way speakers, but also works great as a midrange in a bass guitar speaker, as well as a woofer in two-way satellite speaker concept or even as a high output car audio door speaker.

PRV 6.5″ Midrange Car Speaker 6MR200A-4 200 Watts / 4 Ohm PRO Loudspeaker

Technical Details


Nominal Diameter 6.5″ (165 mm)
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm
Nominal Power Handling 100 Watts
Continuous Program Power (RMS) 200 Watts
Max Peak Power 400 Watts
Sensitivity 2.00V at 1m 94 dB
Recommended Hi Pass Crossover* *For Full Power Handling 150 Hz** **12db Per Octave Crossover
Frequency Response at -10dB 155 – 11,000 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter 1.5″ (38 mm)
Voice Coil Wire Copper
Voice Coil Winding Depth 8.0 mm
Former Material Kapton
Magnetic Gap Depth 5.5 mm
Frame Material Stamped Steel
*Nominal power handling is defined as the maximum RMS power that the speaker can handle in a 2-hour test with a pink noise with 6dB of crest factor and a bandpass filter with 12db/oct tuned in its usable frequency range. **Continuous Program Power (RMS) is the maximum power that the speaker can handle considering a regular musical program using our recommended filters, this power can be used to define the optimum amplifier power to avoid a clean signal without clipping or saturation. ***Max Peak Power is the maximum power operation for the speaker, this power is allowed just for a few fractions of a second, usually found just on the peaks of the music. Keeping this power for a little longer timer will damage the speaker.


Equivalent Volume Vas 3.89 l
Excursion (mathematical)*** Xmax 2.62 mm
Free Air Resonance Fs 138.3 Hz
Mechanical Factor Qms 9.47
Electrical Factor Qes 1.08
Total Factor Qts 0.97
Cone Area Sd 137 cm²
Mechanical Mass Mms 8.89 g
Bl Factor Bl 4.92 Tm
Dc Resistance Re 3.4 Ohm
Inductance Le 0.18 mH at 1 kHz
Mechanical Mass Without Air Mmd 7.98 g
Mechanical Compliance Cms 0.149 mm/N

***Xmax=(Voice coil winding depth-Magnetic Gap depth)/2+ Mgnetic Gap Depth/4


Overall Diameter 6.59″ (167.5 mm)
Front Mount Baffle Cutout 5.69″ (144.5 mm)
Mounting Depth 2.24″ (57 mm)
Overall Depth 2.50″ (63.5 mm)
Net Weight 3.52 Lbs (1.60 kg)
Shipping Weight 3.79 Lbs (1.75 kg)
Carton Dimensions W x L x H 7.40″ x 7.48″ x 4.45″ (188 x 190 x 113 mm)
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – our Return Policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Joseph Kobjerowski
Sound great.

I'm, by no means, an expert or audiophile. But, for my use (built a stereo bluetooth speaker out of an old tool box) these speakers sounded great and were a great price. Fast shipping and very helpful customer service. Will be purchasing some other sizes of speakers as needed.

Timothy Henning
6mr200a 6.1/2

I had ran theses in a 2013 Chevy Malibu to start with and this past winter got t bone in it so on my new build I am running the same 6.1/2 in my doors with no amp and they are very impressive the shipping was fast as well and not damaged in any way will continue to use prv products in my builds

Devin Bale
Very good

These 6.5 are next to none with the quality for the price and the motors are down right massive . But still easy to install nice and flush. Sound quality is great ! Overall a good speaker

Milton Calva

Very good built speaker, really loud and crispy clear. Can not beat it for the price and performance. Good job PRV!

damadrick hugley
Great speakers

The best in my book

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