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PRV Audio Scores a Double Slam Dunk with Two New Compact 3″ and 4″ Full Range Loudspeakers

3MR40-NDY-4 and 4MR60-NDY-4 - Combined News Release Image
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Breaking the compact barrier with extreme low profile speakers that surprise for their potency and high fidelity, PRV Audio presents the 3MR40-NDY-4 and 4MR60-NDY-4. Both appropriately referred internally as the Mr. Do-it-all of compact speakers for their capacity and versatility to reproduce sound with high fidelity, since, whether as a midbass, midrange or full-range speaker, they astound with super well balanced frequency response.

Aware of the limitations that tight spaces can present, these Mr. Do-it-all of compact speakers pack a lot of sound and technology for their size, which is possible due to their strong and efficient Neodymium motors. Take, for example, the 4MR60-NDY-4, which generates 60 Watts, achieves 91 dB sensitivity, and can generate a lot sound with a small cone!

For even more limited spaces, the 3MR40-NDY-4 certainly does not disappoint. With a mounting depth of only 1.59” and an overall diameter of 3.69”, it produces 40 Watts RMS Music Power Handling, and a 91 dB Sensitivity, producing way more sound than its size might suggest.

So, whether putting together line arrays or car audio setups where weight and space limitations are intrinsic to the project, consider these modern marvels that shine for their ultimate flexibility and that literally fit squarely in the tightest builds.

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