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PRV Audio Pairs Crystal Clear Natural Sound with Ease of Installation in the WG2500Py SLIM

WG2500Py SLIM Press Release
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Always on the lookout for clever solutions to enhance Car Audio and Pro Audio setups in tight spaces, such as Custom Doors, PRV Audio has paired the D2500Py, a compact and powerful driver that solves the critical component spacing and weight issue, with the WGP14-50X SLIM, a slim design exponential horn with a low profile that’s ideal for short throw applications.

The resulting engineering marvel, the WG2500Py SLIM, as we have coined it, is our most compact Compression Driver + Horn Combo to date, packing a 2″ Exit Polyimide diaphragm with 2.5″ Voice Coil, capable of 200 Watts Continuous Program Power, channeled through a waveguide with only a 2.66’’ mounting depth and a 6.14″ x 6.14″ faceplate.

Hence, if ease of installation is your concern, we have that covered with the WG2500Py SLIM, since its driver’s small diameter allows front mounting without detaching from its horn. All this without sacrificing any performance, since its 2.5” voice coil allows it to push more power into it, increasing its output tremendously, compared to a standard 2” voice coil driver.

But whether you buy it for how conveniently it integrates into your system, know that its backbone is solid, with a specially designed Polyimide diaphragm that provides durability and additional damping for natural sound quality, resulting in more usable bandwidth for effortless, dynamic output and high efficiency, setting a new standard for high frequency drivers performing in tight spaces.

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