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PRV Audio Takes Performance to the X-treme with its 6MR600X-NDY-4 Midrange Loudspeaker, from its famed X Series

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Armed with top of the line components and materials, the 6MR600X-NDY-4 Midrange is a Loudspeaker that has earned its place in our topmost X Series. A rare-earth neodymium motor with a new generation magnet structure, a 2” inside/out double layered copper clad aluminum wire voice coil wound on a hi-temp former, and a naturally damped paper cone combine to provide very high output, as well as low inductance and extended frequency response with wide directivity.

Car audio enthusiasts and motorcycle custom builders alike will be happy to find in the 6MR600X-NDY loudspeakers the finest attention to detail, ensuring performance every type of audiophile will love. High output levels between 3,000 to 10,000Hz and unbelievable 600 Watts RMS music power handling, providing 2-way coaxial performance from a single speaker and eliminating the need for a compression driver on your system.

Every detail has been attended to in this remarkable speaker, emphasizing performance and durability. Its user can hence expect in it a piece of equipment that can be taken to the limit, yet still provide high fidelity sound at low distortion for the best possible listening experience they have come to expect from PRV Audio.

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