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Power on Demand is Here! A 3-in-1 Car Audio Power Supply / Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer


What can the new PRV Audio 3-in-1 Power Supply do for your Car Audio system?

A Power Supply, Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer is the ultimate tool to maintain and preserve the battery life on your 12v system. Our compact, digital power supply is engineered with the latest PWM technology, which makes it smaller and more efficient than traditional AC to DC linear power supplies.

In addition, there is the added reliability and power that they provide. PRV Audio is currently releasing two models with different amperage capacity, the SC-50AMP and SC-120AMP Smart Chargers. Their ingenious design makes it easy to integrate them into audio installs for on-the-go power-on-demand when not able (or willing) to run your vehicle to use its 12v charging system.

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