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PRV Audio WG2000Py SLIM 2″ Exit Mids & Highs Shallow Mount Horn Driver

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Utilizing a 2″ exit polyimide Pro Audio compression driver and a 2″ exit WGP14-50X SLIM waveguide, the WG2000Py SLIM offers a natural upper midrange and high frequency response, with crystal clear, natural sound.

Thanks to its small magnet diameter, front mounting is easy, which allows a quick and easy installation without having to detach the driver from the WGP14-50X SLIM horn. Both installers and DIY enthusiasts will both appreciate this design with custom door installations in mind. This design features a small mids and highs horn driver with extraordinary sound output which it fits in tight spaces.

With its breakthrough technology, it creates a whole entirely different category for car audio equipment! The Polyimide diaphragms supersede titanium diaphragms, being able to play low frequencies without shattering and performing more accurately at high frequencies.

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