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New Release: PRO Audio on Wheels solution for Bullet-style speakers from PRV Audio

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PRO Audio On Wheels solution for bullet-style speakers from PRV Audio:

These mid-range speakers feature an Aluminum Phase Plug (Bullet). There are built like a professional midrange loudspeaker, but it has been designed for use in the car audio market, as we called it Pro Audio On Wheels®️!

By combining elements from PRO Audio and Car Audio, we have developed a NEW type of high efficient mid-range that can give high levels of output!

MR SLIM Series – Solution for Shallow Doors!

6MR250B-4 SLIM – 125 Watts RMS at 4 ohms
93.5dB / 145 – 8,000Hz

8MR400B-4 SLIM – 200 Watts RMS at 4ohms
95dB / 95 -7,500Hz

MR BULLET Series – High Performance!

6MR400-4 BULLET – 200 Watts RMS at 4 ohms
95dB / 145 – 12,500Hz

8MR500-4 BULLET – 250 Watts RMS at 4ohms
95dB / 95 -20,000Hz

The “bullet” phase plug is made from pure aluminum acting as a radiator cooling system for the voice coil and machined to perfection for even sound dissipation. Beyond good looks, this cone is extremely light, providing excellent damping to keep an incredibly natural yet accurate sound.

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