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New Release: TW350Ti-4 SLIM (PAIR) – PRO Audio Super Tweeter


Add crystal clear sparkle to any speaker with PRV Audio’s TW350Ti-4 SLIM titanium bullet super tweeter! Not only does this driver look as good as it sounds and with an ultra-shallow design this tweeter is easy to mount anywhere!

The PRV Audio TW350Ti-4 SLIM Super Tweeter offers a smooth response and extremely high efficiency from mid range through high range frequencies. This tweeter a little brother of TW350Ti a Popular choice for HIGH SPL Super Tweeter.


  • The low mass CCAW voice coil at 4 ohms
  • Crystal Clear High-Frequency Response
  • High Output – 104 dB sensitivity
  • Slim Design easy to Mount
  • Sold in Pairs

The Titanium diaphragm is on a Kapton former is light, thin and durable for long play applications. The tweeter is perfect for Pro Audio On Wheels® applications. The sharp smooth sound is perfect for applications where larger compression drivers may overpower a venue.

TW350Ti-4 SLIM is designed with cast aluminum frame to ensure a quality sound and long-lasting play in most any environment. Replacement Diaphragms are available.

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